this illegal? Recently, I rented a very expensive vacation house. Upon arriving, the house was a disaster with broken tiles and broken stairs. None of the kitchen appliances worked. Many of the advertised amenities were either missing or broken. On top of this, there was a terrible leak coming through the kitchen ceiling from the floor above. It was definitely not the beautiful house advertised. I asked for a partial refund from the owner. He had a thousand excuses why the house was in this condition and refused to issue a refund. I said that I would make a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. He then said that if I made this complaint, he would sue ME for the water damages!! This was apparently a long running leak based on the huge crack and water stain on the wall. Isn't it illegal for this company to threaten me like this? By the way...I made the complaint and the owner admitted to the threat but said he was 'joking'. Still no refund.
I paid $4200 to stay there for a week. It should have been immaculate.

I would have thought it would be illegal to intimidate someone into not making a complaint.

Perhaps I will need to look into a small claims court.