In a Kopi Tiam in the 70' in China Street, Singapore

One Old Chinese Man was sitting in a Kopi Tiam and spitting into a Spitoon (Its a Container that Looks like a Steel Urine Container but this is for the olden Days People to Spit their Spit and Nose mucus in).

One English Man came and say It's so Gross. We English Man never do that cause we are Daring people who travels around theworld and nothing scares them.

The old man say, i bet you Ten Quid (That's ten Dollars in UK), that you dare not take a sip from the spitoon, and promptly bang a Ten Quid on the Bar Top.

The English man took the Challane and took the spitoon and take a sip. But he didn't stop at one sip... but finish the whole content of the Spitoon... Uuuugghhhhh! Why?