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Thread: Can you solve this brain teaser? I cannot get this. I do not know the answer.?

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    Default Can you solve this brain teaser? I cannot get this. I do not know the answer.?


    I don't know the answer to this. I read it in a book and they don't give the answer.

    "Imagine you are in a mythical land. In this land there are two types of natives: politicians and non-politicians. In this land, politicians ALWAYS LIE and non-politicians ALWAYS TELL THE TRUTH.
    You are a traveler in this land and you are headed for the capital of the land. You come to a fork in the road and there are two paths. One path leads to the capital and one does not. You meet a native. What question could you ask him to find out which path leads to the capital? The native can only answer with a "yes" or a "no" and you can only ask one question. What is the question?"

    I cannot think of one.
    You have missed an important point: you only come across 1 native. There are not 2 natives. There are however 2 KINDS of natives.
    You do not know if he is a politician or a non-politician. You are trying to figure out which of the two paths leads to the capital. You can only ask 1 yes or no question.

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    you ask one of them would they be telling you the truth to say the right fork was the correct way to go.

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    Default @cjan, ur wrong

    the politician could simply lie

    anyways the answer is he would ask what the other kind of native would say the right way is, then take the other way.

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