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Thread: ***Brain Teaser: See if You Are Smart!***?

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    Default ***Brain Teaser: See if You Are Smart!***?


    Ok, try to figure out why the letters are seperated into their group.

    Group One: A E F H I K L M N T V W X Y Z
    Group Two: B C D G J O P Q R S U

    Ok that was the first one, but heres another one. You have to unscramble these letters. *HINT* The answer is just one word


    ok that was it! Remember the hint ^^^ And whoever gets both of them right first gets the best answer award!
    Sorry people! up there ^^ Wrong letters! The real one is JOnWOUERDST

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    the first one
    group one has all letters that can be drawn with straight lines
    group two has letters that have curves and not just lines

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