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Thread: Which is the best institute for SAP CRM training in Hyderabad?

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    Default Which is the best institute for SAP CRM training in Hyderabad?


    I am looking for a good institute that provides training in SAP CRM for a nominal fees. Please provide details about the istitutes, trainer(if possible) and contact details.
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    Default SAP CRM Training

    Hi Friends,

    If you are looking for SAP CRM training then with out any doubt join the institute in Ameerpet where Jawahar is teaching. He is the only faculty who is famous for CRM training in India as he covers all the modules and shows the data transfer through middleware.

    He is teaching in one of the institutes in Ameerpet, check with Oasis Technologies or VersionIT as he is not teaching in Igrowsoft now. He is the senior faculty and so many of his students have got jobs.


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    The worst faculty ever I met and does not want to meet is Jawahar. By following some of my friend's advise I joined crm course with him. He is so irresponsibe, he cancels class if AC doesn't work, if duster is not there, if he is not in mood and never starts class on time only past half an hour.Ateast he does not have a decent knowledge on crm. He completed service module on a sunday in 3 hours and said that's enough as we cannot claim experience in that module. Such a rude and irresponsible fellow.
    In 2011 between July & August that waste & Worst fellow jawahar has managed to cheat total 8 lakh rupees from student fees and 5 lakh rupees from institute owner prithvi. He ran away with money because so many of his students who undergone training like me started questioning that useless.......... about the subject he covered in the course which is just basics, but he took 3 months to complete wasting time in the class and postponing frequently.It's 7 months after completion still hunting for job.
    I am shocked how he was recommended by some people. The person who attends his training will definitey say he is USELESS and becomes USELESS. Be careful and enquire yourself.
    Best crm wishes

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