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Thread: i have a written test tomorrow for a bank job. its an aptitude test. how

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    Default i have a written test tomorrow for a bank job. its an aptitude test. how


    should i prepare for it.? if i am asked the following questions how should i answer them.
    1. how should companies reward their employees?
    2. what should companies consider before recruiting employees?
    3. Increasing salaries to prevent poaching by a business rival: will it help?
    4. how does competition impact the customer and the company?
    please help.........
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    Most of the answers are already pretty good.

    1. You can always say with a fair salary and it helps when employees have the opportunity to learn new things, and advance as far as their talents will allow.

    2. Previous employment history, education, general attitude during the interview (this is very important, most employers are just as nervous as you are, because bad hiring decisions reflect just as much on them as on the employee who didn't work out... and of course, good hiring decisions make them look like geniuses). Make sure you show a great attitude and that you have a "team' mentality during the interview. Being able to work with and get along with others is extremely important. Also, never speak ill of a past employer...even if you were fired from a job by the biggest jerk in the world, don't say anything bad about them (otherwise the employer will think you'll bad mouth them after you leave)... Employers are aware that sometimes bad things happen to good people, and they understand that sometimes, jobs just don't work out.

    3. It's more important that the employee is happy in their environment... if you look long enough, it's always possible to find a job that pays more...but if you wouldn't enjoy working there, it's not worth changing... people spend a good deal of their waking hours on the job, so it's much better to have a job that you like, and work with people that you like. Don't talk about the employer "matching" the other job's offer... most of the time, employers hate when employees tell them they have received another offer and they're "considering" taking it... once an employer knows you're willing to leave for more money, they might offer you a raise, but more often than not it's to buy time so they can replace you on THEIR schdule , as opposed to YOUR schedule... if you receive an offer that's more attractive than where you are, you should just take it and let that be that.

    4. Competition simply give the customers more options for services... as the previous answer said, some customers will leave if they get 1/100th of 1% more on their Money Market Rates... others will stay with any bank that treats them the way they like to be treated... the best thing you as an employee can do to help keep your customers is the treat each customer the way YOU would like to be treated... and treat each customer as if they're your ONLY customer... after all, without customers, there's no job.

    Good luck to you!
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