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Thread: A personal interview Question- Mr Kamlesh?

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    Default A personal interview Question- Mr Kamlesh?

    An electric company makes electric ovens. The product of the company is popular. But from the last two years the profit of the company going down. It is due the high purchasing cost of the raw materials. Mr Kamlesh who is in the purchase department is unable to reduce the cost. He talks with the venders - but all his effort to bring down the cost of raw material is fail. He is fingering on the production.He didn't attended the last three meetings. He is even thinks to resign the company.As a boss convince him to solve the problem.

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    Not attending the meetings is not going to provide any solutions to your problems,
    If you want to solve any problem, you must never move out of the institution to try to do it. Stay there and keep working really hard.
    Keep the high quality standards in mind always
    Advertise your product
    find ways to modify the system so that it consumes less electricity.........You know it better, anyways
    you can resign from the job if you have other sources to support your family
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    First understand the problem.
    a) why did he not attend the meetings?
    a) change the price point
    b) change the product image
    a) use less expensive material
    b) use different material
    c) reduce cost by better design
    a) improve manufacturing process
    b) reduce labor cost with improve efficiency
    a) With above info what cheaper materials can be used
    b) Source alternative materials
    c) See new vendors. It is a global market.
    d) Beware of pressuring vendors to give you something so cheap that it harms your product or loses your own customers
    e) How can you help your vendors help you? The Japanese are very good at this.
    f) Apply Demming principles and Just in time manufacturing.

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