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Thread: How to convert CGPA marks to Percentage for Biju Patnaik University of Technology,

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    Default How to convert CGPA marks to Percentage for Biju Patnaik University of Technology,


    Rourkela? I have got CGPA 7.54 in 10 point scale. I need to apply to SAIL.. Its urgent.
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    just deduct 0.75 in your CGPA and multiply with 100.

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    Default Reply to the CGPA System

    hi friends,
    the first thing you should see that BPUT has never given any CGPA converting formula right at the Time of ADDMISSON on 2003, 2004 batch........ also the Grading system in BPUT is different from many of the other Universities.

    One formula is their
    %age = CGPA * 9.3

    but since in our university the marks are not given in the marksheets as well as in the site one cant say how much %age that would be.

    In IIMS the %age is calculated by

    %age = CGPA/(Maximum CGPA one can obtain here it's 10) multiplied by 100.

    This also makes me laugh that cutting .75 from the CGPA that here some say CGPA * 10 - 7.5 or the above person said CGPA- .75 * 100 this is total rubbish.

    BPUT is also not disclosing this because they know that they will have to face problems when somebody goes for a claim in the doors of LAW or COURT because from the begining they hav'nt given any formula for converting CGPA to percentage.

    So if you have 7.54 then in a 10 point scale the %age will be 75.4 following the standard IIM scale.
    or 70.122 following the above scale of 9.3 multiple. This rule i have seen before two years and cant recall where it was stated.

    It is not possible to state anybodies percentage from CGPA unless the exact marks are being provided. Also you think if somebody gets 49 then he gets grade D and some one having 50 gets C that doesnt mean that he get 1% more marks overall af we follow these .75 system. Rather its been interesting to see that university has not given any schematic for this or if given has not declared it publically within the students. The correct way was that to give the coverting rule at the time of addmisson to the university.

    If some BPUT management people are also looking at the post they should think that what rubbish rules they have made for the exams.

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    I am siddhartha senapati, I want to know,the percentage equivalent of 6.32 cgpa (for BPUT scale) ?

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    Thumbs up bput cgpa to percentage formula and online tool

    The official formula(as decided in a BPUT meeting on dec 2011) to convert cgpa to percentage is

    Percentage =( CGPA - 0.75 ) X 10

    There is also an online tool available to calculate BPUT sgpa cgpa and percentage.. Visit

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