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Thread: please can anyone help me on what to prepare from for the KVPY interview.any

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    Default please can anyone help me on what to prepare from for the KVPY interview.any

    useful books?please help.? i just got selected and have no idea what to do.
    it will be very helpful if someone can recommend some book to me
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    I believe t there's not much that can be prepared. As I said, the KVPY paper is set by IIT Prof's and is just like IIT Screening. But just because I'm saying it's IIT type DOES NOT mean that you start preparing just for KVPY by doing loads of past IIT papers etc... The exam is meant to test your intelligence and let it do just that - don't PREPARE!!! I did not and neither did most of the others I knew at the camp! - Just use your intelligence -if you have that 'scientific' thing in you , you'll get it - that's the exact purpose of KVPY after all. But if yo don't get it, don't be disheartened at all - I'm sure you are the best in your own field!!!

    Regarding the connection with Olympiads, the only difference might be in the Math Section. In PCM ( regarding BIO - don't ask me!!!), the syllabus for Physics and Chemistry and even the type of questions is just like IIT> However, in Maths, since the Olympiads are much different than IIT. the Math section in KVPY is also a bit different. It had interesting questions of the type that usually appear in Math Olympiads( unlike IIT-JEE). But don't prepare!!! Just use your knowledge - nothing more than Class X and a bit of Calculus required, and solve problems logically... again is analytic ability and intelligence - the things you'd expect in a budding scientist!!!

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