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Thread: Perl Ftp Problem?

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    I tried to ftp a file to a remote server.I failed by getting error message as 425- Failed to establish a connection. I used the
    debugging mode [=1] in perl. I got the below result

    "202 ALLO command ignored"

    in one of the lines of the debug result.

    please tell me for what reason this error will come and how to solve this.I am using passive mode only.

    Gerald Manickam
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    it means nothing! the net::ftp lib is pretty cool about dealing with just about any ftp server.

    202 is the error code
    the command is "ALLO", it's actually a greeting used to connect. like "HELO" or "ELHO"

    all ftp commands have at least 2 names, the one you type, and the one you send.

    net::ftp does all the dirty work for you.
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