A SEI CMM Level 5 company

Comapny Address in Bangalore:
2nd floor Christu complex 41 Lavellel Road
Bangalore, , 560001

Aithent is a leading software firm that delivers tangible value to leading organizations worldwide by designing, developing and implementing innovative software solutions to stream line complex business processes or replace high maintenance legacy applications.

We have built our practice on the simple premise that our clients understand the business strategy best suited to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage. Our role is to act as a catalyst in eliciting and capturing the requirements and supporting the process of arriving at the right solution to realize these business goals.

To support our clients we offer both services and solutions:

IT Services, our services division, is focused on partnering with clients to deliver the right level of sourcing to achieve the stated client goals. Our focus is to co-source and develop in partnership with our client-partners the right solution. Working closely with our client-partners, we determine the right sourcing level required at each iteration in the project life cycle and support our client-partners on-site, off-site, near shore and offshore. By varying our on-site through off-shore presence throughout the project life cycle we provide greater value while overcoming the inherent problems in a project and in a client-vendor relationship. Leveraging our proven industry leading 4+1 methodology we have successfully produced solutions including investment and retail banking portals, analytical solutions to facilitate financial decision making, electronic communication networks, collaboration management platforms, clinical research solutions, complex scheduling and logistics solutions and more.

Products, our Innovative Solutions division, is focused on designing and developing complete solutions and state-of-the-art intelligent building blocks that can be used to reduce time-to-market for our clients. Today, we are a leading provider of solutions to the:

  • government insurance regulatory market, and
  • fraud investigative market for finance, insurance and government sectors.

In addition to these market leading products, we are committed to the object-oriented approach and invest heavily in creating building blocks that can be used in reducing time to market. Some of these building blocks have been contributed to the open source initiative and include SFA, our open CRM framework. Others which include our collaborative management platform and single sign on are used on projects by our Global Services division and are licensed to our clients for specific purposes.
Today more than ever before successful implementation of information technology is complex due to rapidly evolving needs and the need to integrate with an ever growing information technology asset pool. Confronted by this situation, we strive to be a learning organization committed to challenging norms and improving our offerings with a single goal: to provide our client-partners with the best possible value with the right return on investment by leveraging the expertise and experience of our people, the right technology and right best practices. We believe that there can be but one yardstick to measure success: the value derived by the client-partner and we are steadfast in our goal to innovating evolution for our client-partners and us.

Main company Website Url: http://www.aithent.com
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