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Thread: Riddles again! ALL D BEST!?

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    Default Riddles again! ALL D BEST!?

    1. I'm lighter than a feathr, yet no man can hold me for very long.
    2. 3 guys run into a bar, the 4th man ducks. Why?
    3. Hw do u put a giraffe in a refrigerator?
    4. Hw do u put an elephant in a refrigerator?
    5. All of the animls go to a meeting for the Lion King. 1 animal doesnt show up. Which animal doesn't come?
    6. u come to a river tht aligators live in. There is no boat, raft, bridge, nor material to make them. How do you get accross?
    7. A 15 foot rope is tied to a horse. The horse is 25 feet frm a stack of hay. Hw can d horse get to d hay?
    8. Frm wt number can u tak half & leave nothing?
    9. Hw can u drop an egg 3 feet without breaking it?
    10. Hw can u mak a fire wit 1ly 1 stick?
    11. Hw can u tell d difference between a can of chicken soup and a can of tomato soup?
    12. Can giraffes ve babies?
    13. Wt has 4 wheels & flies?
    14. Feed me & I live, giv me sumthin to drink n I'll die. What am I?
    15. Wt has eyes bt cant c?
    16. wen s a door nt a door?
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    {1} ....Breath
    {2} He didn't want to hit the bar
    {3} Open the door, put him in, close the door
    {4} Open the door, take the giraffe out, put him in, close the door
    {5} The elephant, he's in the refrigerator
    {6} Jump in, swim accross, get out. The aligators are at the meeting
    {7} The rope isn't tied to anything but the horse
    {8} Take the top half away and the "o" is left
    {9} Drop it 4 feet, the first 3 feet the egg won't hit anything
    {10} Make sure it's a matchstick
    {11} Read the label
    {12} No, they have giraffes
    {13} A dumpster
    {14} Fire
    {15} A needle, a potatoe, a storm, or true lovers o_O
    {16} When it's ajar

    Hope they're rite coz i ve read this in a buk!
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