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Thread: Code to Connect java with Crystal Report?

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    Default Code to Connect java with Crystal Report?


    to connect "j2se" or "core java" program with Crystal Report?
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    Default Sun Tech Days 2008

    Hi Guys,

    Got some useful info from a website for all you Java Freaks

    Sun Microsystems has announced that 'Sun Tech Days 2008' will be held for the second consecutive year at the Hyderabad International Convention Centre (HICC) in Hyderabad from February 27 to 29, with supporting sessions in Bangalore and Chennai.

    Theme of this year's event is 'Open Opportunities'. Technologies such as JavaFX(TM), JRuby and other open source technologies in addition to Java(TM) Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE), GlassFish(TM) project, NetBeans(TM) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE), OpenJDK(TM), Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME), OpenSolaris(TM), SOA using OpenESB and Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite (Java CAPS), will be featured in the event.

    for more info you can try visiting SiliconIndias website

    hope you find it useful guys


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    how to connect crystal reports with java?

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