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Thread: any free online tution for java?

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    Default any free online tution for java?

    java softwere
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    db4o Java Database

    * Native to Java
    * 100% object-oriented, no object-relational mapping
    * Designed for embedded use on all Java platforms
    * Open source and free under the GPL

    The Headstart You Need on Your Development Time.

    Embed db4o's native Java database engine into your product and store even the most complex object structures with only one line of code!

    db4o slashes development cost and time, provides superior performance, and requires no DBA.

    Download and test drive the world's most popular object database! It's free and open source under the GPL, no registration is required!

    RDBMS Object-Relational Mapping vs. db4o

    Store objects as seamless as serialization, with the flexibility and reliability of a full-featured database, but without the tedious O/R mapping overhead.

    "We were experimenting a long time with relational databases, XML serialization, Castor, and with Hibernate to get the job done, but didn't see the results in response time and flexibility we expected for our native Java environment. We selected db4o because it meets our needs exactly for native persistence of complex objects.
    I wish we had discovered db4o 2 years ago, because we would have easily shaved 6 months off our project time.
    --Martin Kraus, Altana Pharma

    "I am really impressed with db4o. The database is so easy to use - especially for embedded applications. db4o doesn't require any administration. It just works! And db4o's native object support makes it very easy to integrate with my Java applications."
    --Marlon Machado, IBM

    "db4o is just plain good technology. It is purposeful, cool, fun, impressive, well coded - all sorts of good."
    --Chris Donnan, Blogger
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