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Thread: Why there is so much craze for IIT(Indian Institute of Technology)?

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    Default Why there is so much craze for IIT(Indian Institute of Technology)?

    I have 2 problems.
    1: What is in IIT that its craze is increasing day by day? Why everyone tells the one who gets 90+ in his 10th,to opt Science and try for IIT?What is the average pay package of an IITian?Is life really good in IITs?

    2: I am also preparing for IIT but don't know much about it.I just know that their is something very kool about IIT.Please help.How should I manage my class 12th & IIT preparation?My 11th concepts are also not clear.I have joined a coaching institute for IIT-JEE preparation.They give a lot of homework.How should I study?Plz help me plan a schedule for studying.I go to school 3 days a week though the school wants me to come regularly.School is from 8am-1 pm & classes are from 3 pm to 9pm(sumtimes 10 pm).How should I manage my studies according to this schedule?
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    as you have said it is just a craze, true IITs offer best of infrastructure and opportunities but strictly speaking craze is not associated with the amount knowledge one can get at IITs but with the prestige and the jobs you get by getting admitted into IITs. this has lead to unprecedented pressure on young minds and this leads to many ill effects.

    in reality you can achieve success from any institute with reasonable faculty . its just a craze and just leave it that way make your own decisions and chose your own options

    for me knowledge is divine and it cannot be restricted a true seeker will always get knowledge from whatever resource available

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