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Thread: which is the best institute of laptop service training chip level with support in...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajas View Post
    Origin Institute is a Chiplevel training Institute having 8 yrs experience in this field, providing only one course ie;

    With placement assurance...............

    For more details Contact : 9846100103
    CHIPTRONIKS is defacto leader in Laptop Repairing , Mobile repairing & Hardware Networking is managed by team of IITians with 100 % job Assistance . CHIPTRONIKS - The No. 1 Laptop repairing , Mobile Repairing & Networking Institute in India

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    Smile Corona Institute of technology , kottayam, kerala India

    hello friends

    feel nice to see that so many organizations are venturing in to the filed. This itself denote the future of the technology in chip level. Corona was in the chip level service segment from 1999 and when we started the training division exclusively 5 years back there was not a single google search result of the topic. still we were not confident enough to name it as the first one in india because there can be any organization which not not believing in internet as a medium . Still we are confident that we are the first training provider on this field in our home state , kerala and the flow of students from Maharashtra, Gujarat Delhi ,Tamilnadu , Goa and even from foreign countries like Nepal and Singapore give us the confidence to say that we are the number one in this segment in India. Just like the famous apple quote " been there Done that " , we are saying that our division is offering the best individual based training for indian and overseas students.

    Check us at ot

    Shyamlal.t.pushpan 91-98471-55469

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    Hi all, I am lokesh from Hyderabad and learning laptop repairing from Maxom BGA Solutions in Nehru Place ,New Delhi. Manvendra Sir is really genius he solves 100% problems in all branded laptops.I have 10 years of experience but still I am learning from him.If you are really serious about learning then dont waste your time and money .You can request him if he can provide training for you..

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    Please visit our updated website for laptop chip level at laptopservicetraining dot com

    Corona always maintained a clear lead in the practical training in laptop chip level since 2005 and the students from different parts of india who fly down to our chip level division at kerala are proof of it.

    Visit the site to get the update on BGA reworkstation based chip level training from Corona Institute of technology or dial us at 0-98471-55469

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    Netsys Infotech chennai offers Laptop Chip Level Training by a 25 years experienced Senior Engineer. The training will be done in a popular Multi brand service center.Call +918056116262 Chennai airtel for more details

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    Laptop Hardware and Parts details
    Difference between Laptop and Desktop
    AC and DC fundamentals
    Voltage, Current, Volts, ampere, watt measurement and significance
    Testing procedure and measurement of Resistor, Capacitor, Inductor , Diode , Transistor , MOSFET , Fuse and other components in laptops.
    Laptop parts identifications like Motherboard , adopters , LCD , Inverter ,CPU , fan ,Hinges ,heat sink ,DVD ,battery , keyboard , touch pad and others.
    ADOPTER : measurement of voltages ,connecting broken wires Testing of adopter cables , replacement of pins Identifying original and chinese adopters.
    Difference between LCD and LED .replacement of Hinges and Lcd their assembly and dis assembly.Familiarisation of various LCD sizes, connector types ,brands.

    INVERTER : working principles of inverters. Concept of CCFL. Detailed discussion of Repair of inverters.RE design of inverter from one Laptop to Another (HP to ACER, Compaq to HCL).testing of Inverter with SMPS and multimeter . Using and design of UNIVERSAL inverter in ANY laptop brand or Size. Usage of DELHI make FL cards.
    Mother Board Block diagram, Familiarision of various parts of mother board likeSouth bridge ,North bridge, CPU, Memory section, Battery section, super
    I/O, sound section, network and wireless section, USB section,HDD / DVD section, Keyboard and touch pad section ,LCD section , card reader section clock and RTC section and others
    PWM circuit: Darlington pair of MOSFETS, VID and VRM circuit concepts ,Laptop Block diagram, training of components and sections using MULTIMETER and Detailed usage of SCHEMATIC DIAGRAMS . Component dead short removal procedures and their identifications. Short cuts of repair by isolating components and stages.
    Standby voltages : their circuit analysis ,problems and solutions.
    Battery charging circuit in depth study and their solutions
    BIOS PROGRAMMING :how to PROGRAM BIOS, SAVE Bios, Erase bios, Update bios. BIOS PASSWORD removal techniques
    Usage of DEBUG CARD /Post probe Usage of mini PCI debug card and PCI-E post probe cards. Understanding of error codes .repairing motherboard problematic stages
    Usage of Solder gun, de solder WICK, solder lead, de solder PUMP, De solder paste ,Heat sink paste Usage of HOT AIR BLOWER
    Detailed discussion of Schematic diagrams.
    Complete and detailed PTH soldering and SMD soldering using hot AIR blower.
    Soldering of USB connector .adopter pin ,DC jack, VGA connector, serial connector.Broken pad, broken TRACK build UP and its soldering
    BGA process, BGA REBALL by students. Bga removal, Bga soldering.BGA re balling PRACTICALS
    Assembly and Dis assembly of laptop,LCD replacement , Hinges replacement, keyboard replacement , Procedures and practice.

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    ARIS computers,Bangalore provides the world class chip level training for desktop motherboards and laptop repairs.they provide complete electronics knowledge,BIOS programming,BGA replacement,reballing,assembling and dis-assemble ideas,SMD,PTH,BGA solder technology .they have full day and week end classes also.ARIS has over 10 years experience in Laptop and motherboard repair experience call RAVISHANKAR at 09844532392.they have world class lab equipped with solder stations.SMD hot air blowers,BGA rework stations.on hand practicals are provided.they also supply all the equipments for setting up L1 to L4 repair center like BGA re-work station,bios programmer,stencils,bga balls,bga paste.

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