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Thread: how can i create a message board using php and mysql?

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    Default how can i create a message board using php and mysql?


    plz help i need a helpful/usefull link to a website or if sumone is GENEROUS enough to send me a codes. thank you
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    Default MBoard - PHP message board

    MBoard is a PHP message board script (a simple forum). It is ideal for webmasters who don't need or want big (and empty) forums on their sites and are looking for a smaller, simple yet effective message board.

    This message board doesn't require any SQL databases. It stores all posts as HTML pages so it doesn't take up much of the server resources (what is usually the case with larger flat-text database message boards). Features include support for smileys, instant "New post" notification, easy deletion of inappropriate posts etc. It even comes with a bad words filter which replaces all bad words with **** in new posts and a powerful SPAM filter.

    You can completely customize the look of the message board by editing header, footer and style files!

    MBoard has been tested on servers under Linux and Windows operating systems. If your server is not under Linux or Windows (most are) this script might still work if configured properly (please let me know if you test it and it works).

    Click here to download/More Info
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    Thanks for the great reply.

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