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Thread: Please tell me the tips to get success in job interview by giving your opinion of...

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    Default Please tell me the tips to get success in job interview by giving your opinion of... questionnaire.? 1.Briefly introduce yourself
    2.Describe your family background?
    3.What are your major strengths?
    4.What weakness do you have?
    5.Why should we hire you?
    6.Why you want to work for us?
    7.Where you want to see yourself after 3 years?
    8.What do you know about our company?
    9.Why you want to leave your present job?
    10.What do you think about customer services?
    11.What is your career plan
    12.What salary are you making and what do you hope to get your next job?
    13.How do you spend your time?
    14.Describe the nature of your present job?
    15.You’re Major in Finance then how you can work in this marketing job?
    16.What do you know about telemarketing?
    17.How do you compete our product to the competitors (How can you convince to customers to buy our product only)?
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    Tell me about yourself ?
    Start from your education and give a brief coverage of previous experiences. Emphasise more on your recent experience explaining your job profile.
    What do you think of your boss?
    Put across a positive image, but don't exaggerate.
    Why should we hire you? Or why are you interested in this job?
    Sum up your work experiences with your abilities and emphasise your strongest qualities and achievements. Let your interviewer know that you will prove to be an asset to the company.
    How much money do you want?
    Indicate your present salary and emphasise that the opportunity is the most important consideration.
    Do you prefer to work in a group?
    Be honest and give examples how you've worked by yourself and also with others. Prove your flexibility.
    4. Questions to As
    At the end of the interview, most interviewers generally ask if you have any questions. Therefore, you should be prepared beforehand with 2-3 technical and 2-3 non-technical questions and commit them to your memory before the interview.
    Do not ask queries related to your salary, vacation, bonuses, or other benefits. This information should be discussed at the time of getting your joining letter.

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    Strengths and Weaknesses
    You should keep a regular check on your strengths and weaknesses. Write down three (3) technical and three (3) non-technical personal strengths. Most importantly, show examples of your skills. This proves more effective than simply talking about them. So if you're asked about a general skill, provide a specific example to help you fulfil the interviewer's expectations. It isn't enough to say you've got "excellent leadership skills". Instead, try saying:
    "I think I have excellent leaderships skills which I have acquired through a combination of effective communication, delegation and personal interaction. This has helped my team achieve its goals."
    As compared to strengths, the area of weaknesses is difficult to handle. Put across your weakness in such a way that it at leaset seems to be a positive virtue to the interviewer. Describe a weakness or area for development that you have worked on and have now overcome.

    More here: Resume Rips

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    Thanks very much for this comment. It help me to think about my ideals.

    Tks again and pls keep posting.

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    Default Interview Preparation Tips

    Preparing for the interview process requires a systematic assessment of yourself. This includes:

    1. Reviewing your resume (CV)
    2. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses
    3. Assessing your professional and educational history
    4. Refreshing yourself on the accomplishments and highlights of your career
    5. Think about the types of jobs and environment that would be best suited for you

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    You Resume should be professional,and try to make your resume different.Search on Google for various type of resume.Only Mention the information in that your are confident .Before applying for the job see for which post we are applying and mention related information in your resume.

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    Thank you for starting this discussion.I am also interested to know this answers.

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    Hi Friends,

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