Subject description: Make your First Career as Onsite"]Interested in Onsite Opportunity as your First Break[/url]

You will be trained for free & placed onsite!!

--Onsite Placement in Japan
--We will train you on the language & the technology. Selected candidates will be comprehensively & intensively trained for about four to five months at no upfront cost.

Sounds incredible right!!! Read on…

Yes it indeed is the kind of dream break that you can possibly look for

What is unique about this program?

- Dream break through- First job onsite. What many experienced software programmer’s hope for?
- Zero charge upfront
- The TechSumo training program is clearly tied into placement
- You pay only if you are placed. What better way to guarantee your career!
- You will be trained comprehensively for the job
- It is from an established listed software company
- Gives you the cutting edge over your peers
- Excellent start for your career

Did you know?
• Japan is the second largest economy in the world, next to the US. (a GDP of $4.9 trillion in 2005).
• By 2010 the market worth 14.4 billion $
• Japan accounts for over 60 per cent of the Asia Pacific IT Services market which is expected to grow to over 14.4 billion $ by the year 2010

Entry Criteria
--Candidates must have very good aptitude.
--Candidates wish to pursue a career in the commercial software industry.
--Candidates have sound conceptual knowledge of one or more programming language.

VERY LIMITED INTAKE – So if you want your first dream break & if you are good for the job, get in touch with us immediately..

How to Register Yourself For the Program
Go to and in the program option select Special TechSumo.

For Further Details Contact
KALS Information Systems Limited
#4/1, Rudra Chambers, 4th Main, 9th Cross,
Malleswaram, Bangalore – 560 003
Phone: 23343880 Ext: 216