ACS is a global leader in business process and information technology services. Our clients tell us that we are responsive, flexible, reliable, and that we do whatever it takes with honesty and integrity to get the job done right. That hard-working culture has been fundamental to our success since our founding in 1988. Putting the client first has allowed ACS to become the pacesetter in business process and information technology services – spanning the globe, pioneering new products, acquiring capabilities, and reaching millions of people with better operating solutions.

We’re a $6 billion FORTUNE 500 company with over 60,000 professionals supporting thousands of multinational corporations and government agencies in over 100 countries from 750 locations. We bring innovative offerings for Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, Transaction Processing, and Customer Care to our clients in Government, Communications, Manufacturing, Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare, Education, and Transportation.

This depth of experience and breadth of capabilities delivers a competitive edge to ACS clients – giving them the flexibility and scalability to align human and capital resources with their business strategy. ACS simply manages our client’s operations – no matter what platform or process – with a global infrastructure and workforce, experienced field administration, and proprietary technologies, processes, and procedures that assure reliability, cost savings, improved performance, business continuity, security, and practical innovation.

Expertise and action are what you’d expect from the world’s most capable operations partner.

Bangalore — India is accepted worldwide as a premier location for BPO services and ACS opened it’s facility in Bangalore, India in 2003. The facility occupies more than 161,000 square feet and employees more than 2,750 people. The team in Bangalore provides transaction processing, finance & accounting and information technology services to clients in the financial services, health care, communications and manufacturing industries.

Kochi — Opened in 2005, the ACS facility in the city of Kochi in the Indian state of Kerala employs over 1,400 people. The facility offers more than 58,000 square feet of space, with a seat capacity of 1,000. The team in Kochi offers transaction processing, human resources, information technology and finance & accounting services to clients in the health care, manufacturing and transportation industries.