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Thread: A question regarding 'Language Specialist' job offers

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    Default A question regarding 'Language Specialist' job offers


    Greetings to everyone,

    I'm Kain, and I'm writing to you from Greece. I would like to ask the following question, and I would appreciate any help or feedback on this matter. I have for some time looking for a job in India. My main aim for a job in India is the fact that I often find myself spending extensive time there, meeting acquaintances and friends of mine who live there, and would very much like to be allowed to live and work there in a more steady basis, without having to constantly move back and forth, and be more steadily situated there rather than requiring to behave as a short term passing visitor, which is hardly the case. India is a country I am most comfortable living in, and I've always had the best of relationships with everyone there. Apart from English (and Greek of course, being fully fluent in both languages) I have also been studying Hindi for almost 2 years with quite visible results. So living and working in such an environment would certainly not be problematic, however long-term stability of employment is something I am concerned about, and this is primarilly what I would like to ask about. Stability of employment is very important to consider about in a case such as this, because one's working visa is issued for a specific employer before one is allowed to move, not allowing work under any other employer, and the termination of the work contract for any reason meaning immediate exit from the country.

    My qualifications mainly include the knowledge of Greek and English (Supplemented with a Proficiency in English degree by the Universities of Michigan in the US and Cambridge in the UK), along with good knowledge of using computers, fast typing, and a short background in translation projects and also digital image-work with programs like Adobe Photoshop.

    So, for the afforementioned reasons, what primarilly interests me is the long-term stability and permanency of the employment. Salary is of secondary importance, as is further development/promotion potential, since I am mainly interested in a steady income, allowing the covering of my expenditure.

    After making a thorough online research in available job positions regarding my afforementioned qualifications, it became rather clear that the so-called 'language specialist' job offers that are so numerable in Bangalore, New Delhi and other major cities would probably be the best possible choices. However, my main concern with those job offers is that I am uncertain of their stability in a long term basis. I do not know anyone personally who works in such a profession, and the few knowledgeable people I have discussed with from time to time regarding the subject either had pursued such a job only for a quite limited period of time (by their choice, as I understand), or were not in a position to confidently form an opinion on the issue.

    So, due to this,I still have not contacted any of the companies I know would probably be interested in my qualifications. The job vacancy announcement describes the vacancy as 'permanent' of course, but to what extent permanency is conceived is something I do not know. In your opinion, do you think one would be able to actually live in a long term fashion while working in such a job? Would 10 years or more of maintaining such a job sound to you difficult, or uncertain? I understand that a large number of people approach such jobs as temporary, however is it necessarilly so? I would most appreciate any input on this subject.



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    Default A question regarding 'Language Specilist' job offers

    There are lots of job opportunity for language specialists. They can have the job of translator in various corporate companies. As every company has it branches in all over country and in foreign countries also. Even several universities having the courses related to different languages where teachers are needed. So job is available in every field the need is to approach right way.



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