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    I have been working as a virtual office assistant for 4 years now. I get my salary debited into my account just like a normal office goer. I do not get any perks, allowances or pensions. I work in the convenience of my home in my own timings. I report every Monday morning with the finished work. I use MSoffice and Excel. I get paid once a month. When I started initially I received instructions and training through emails and I am updated with instructions whenever needed. I have not been able to work for one month in the past 4 years and I did not receive pay for the one month that I did not work for. I have been supported for any queries that I needed to clarify and have got a few days time extension on request when I was not able to finish the job for the week. I spend 1 hour online daily and 1 hour offline on my computer. I have never seen or spoken to my employer. I have not got rich quick or made loads of quick internet cash. Being a VOA is my second job and I plan to continue doing it. Now I have been asked to build a team of VOAs since the work load has increased. With my experience, I will be guiding the VOAs in my team and making sure the work is done in time and as required. If:
    • you are above 18 years of age
    • Have internet access for 2 hours a day on weekdays [Mon. to Fri.] OR 10 hours on weekends
    • can read write and understand English
    • are ready to be committed at your job and be sincere
    • would like a serious career as VOA
    • would like a salaried online job

    send an email to [email protected] with a cc to [email protected]


    As the role of the internet and its effect on the business community evolves, what once had to be done in a traditional corporate office can now be done in one's home, in satellite offices or while travelling. Virtual Assistants also can provide a wider variety of services than the traditional administrative assistants, often incorporating desktop publishing, web page design, internet research, writing or other specialty skills into their available services. Because of this broad array of services, the virtual assistant is particularly valuable to small business owners, or those desiring personal assistants to help with less traditional tasks. It also allows the virtual assistant to specialize in the areas they find most interesting.
    A Growing Trend
    Virtual assistants are a rapidly growing trend, driven by a few key factors: the desire of employees to maintain more control over their work styles, demand from businesses to lower costs and improve efficiencies, and the availability of technology that enables both sides to connect.
    A virtual employee saves the company considerable costs: no need for office space, no payroll tax or benefits, and no equipment to maintain. And the job can be tailored to the exact needs of the boss. If a business only needs a few hours of administrative work each week that's what they pay for - saving the cost of a full time employee.
    As a virtual assistant, you're doing much the same as an office-based admin: handling correspondence, travel arrangements, maintaining the calendar, billing/accounting, research, translation, transcription, paralegal, concierge services and more. You do this as an independent contractor or freelancer. Unlike an office employee, you set your hours, decide the services you want to provide, and choose your clients.

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    Thank you so much for your post.

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