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Thread: PHP Tutor in chandigarh/mohali/panchkula?

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    Default PHP Tutor in chandigarh/mohali/panchkula?

    Can you please tell which is the best PHP tutor/(professional developer who teaches) in chandigarh/mohlai/panchkula ? Ne'd urgently
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    Don't know but this might be worth a try.

    Download XAMPP. You get a locally installable version of PHP, Apache Server, MySQL ...

    Download a 30day trial of Dreamweaver CS3. Follow some of the PHP tutorials.

    Also, Lynda tutorials are excellent.

    You can test your code by uploading to .

    Hope this helps.
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    Smile PHP tutor

    PHP is very demanding & popular web language in chandigarh/mohali/panchkula and NCR, Banglore, Mumbai & south india. But the industry is facing very big crunch of php professionals in tri city. In coming days PHP's demand & popularity is going more because php is working on their new version.

    The other CMS with PHP which is very demanding in try city as well as in all over india is
    Joomla, osCommerce, Wordpress, osCMax etc..

    Learn from a professional working in PHP at IT Park Chandigarh

    contact : [email protected]
    mobile : 9464291299(Monday to Friday :-before 9.00 AM and After 6.00 PM)

    Learn : PHP, Joomla, osCommerce, osCMax, WordPress etc.....

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    Rather then learning P.H.P. from an institute,u can learn php from an individual where you can get focussed attention.

    Learn P.H.P. ,MYSQL,JAVASCRIPT,C.S.S. ETC from professional having knowledge of working in Public Sector I.T. Firm.


    [email][email protected]

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    I can give you information about online tutoring. are you interested?

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