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Thread: Four Tips to Ensure Successful Hiring

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    Default Four Tips to Ensure Successful Hiring


    Hiring a wrong employee could put the employers in jeopardy. Yes, it is true that some of the job seekers falsify their resume, work history, and application. Pre-employment and background checks can really make difference between a struggling business or an all-star team.
    1. Ensure that your job application requires applicants to fill in information about previous employers, references, and contact information.

    2. Be firm and clearly state on your company application that any misleading or false information will terminate the applicant from the hiring process.

    3. Check to see if the applicant has an Orkut or Facebook account. You can check what the applicant is saying about themselves online. If you cannot get the information you need from the person or number the applicant specified, ask for the human resources department of the company.

    4. Partner with a credibility and reliable company which provide background verification services you can surely consider Crederity , a TUV Certified ISO9001:2000 company which is providing background services which include criminal checks, employment history, address verification and reference checks.

    Gaining insight into an applicant’s character, skills, and track record will not only verify the truthfulness of the applicant and his/her application, but also save the hiring company from what could be a catastrophic mistake. Taking the time to thoroughly check applicant’s backgrounds, employment history, education, and references is a great start to finding that perfect member to add to your team.

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    Nice article and very informative.

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