SystemVerilog is the HDVL (Hardware Design and Verification Language) based on the widely used and industry-standard Verilog hardware description language and OOP cocepts from many software languages.

The SystemVerilog extensions enhance Verilog in a number of areas, providing productivity improvements for RTL designers, verification engineers and for those involved in architecture and system design.

SystemVerilog addresses the issue of diversion between Design and Verification teams, with its capabilities for both camps. Neither team has to give up any capabilities it needs to be successful, but the unification of both syntax and semantics of design and verification tools improves communication. Advantage of including the design, testbench, and assertion constructs in a single language is that the testbench has easy access to all parts of the environment without requiring specialized APIs.

The powerful enhancements put into SystemVerilog have also made the overall language quite complex, but If one has the working knowledge of Verilog, then with proper training and practice he/she can master this language.

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