Lean Sigma Management Institute(LSMI) is organizing 2 days ‘LEAN PROFESSIONAL’ workshop at Delhi, Noida & Gurgaon specifically designed for Manufacturing and Service industries.

Introduction :
Lean focuses on three things- Elimination of Waste and Non Value Added activities, brings process speed and establishes the flow. It evaluates the entire operation of the factory and restructures the manufacturing/ service method in order to reduce wasteful activities like waiting, transportation, material hand-offs, inventory, overproduction, etc. It co-locates the processes in sequential order. As such, it reduces variation associated with manufacturing routings, material handling, storage, lack of communication, batch production etc. Lean methodology focuses on product flow and on the operator. How can we produce the product in the least amount of time, and how do we standardize the operator methods and give the operator what he/she needs?

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