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Thread: Beware fake company --> ISRDO

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    Default Beware fake company --> ISRDO

    Hi all,

    This fake company that calls itself, indian satellite R&D organization(ISRDO) is been widely publicized in the net to attract people. This company also sends you e-mails, telling you that you have been selected among a million, for a self supporting training program and asks you 40,000 bucks. They also assure you placement. More or less all jobsites, groups, human edited directories are infested by these fakers.Please be aware.

    Also visit this link to know more.

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    Thanks Fakebuster for this post. My younger brother ha recieved one such annoymous email saying he is selected for this Institute. I'll be very careful in the future and spread this message to others as well.

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    wow that one sure is a scam

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