Transcend Technology Orbit (T2Orbit) is a new generation
software company that understands business and its bottom line.
We offer a “Live projects” Training programmes for final
year candidates .Every year we are providing project-training program at
our Development Center. This programme will be conducted for Final
semester students of B.E/B.Tech /M.E /M.Tech /M.Sc /M.C.A. The projects
will be on various platforms such as
Java/ JSP/ Servlets/ J2EE Technologies, Embedded programming/Embedded
System Design/VLSI/DSP. During the training period, the candidate can
experience a real-time project in an IT firm, which will help the
candidate to learn the real-time Industry experience by working on our
campus. Additional features of our programme are the Value Added Services
such as Guest Lectures by IT Industry personnel, Broadband Internet
Access, Communication Development workshop, Personality Development
Workshop, Mock Interviews and Technical Interviews, etc.

Types of projects we offer:

• Systems/Networking projects
• Web-based/web-services based internetworking projects
• GUI/RDBMS based application projects
• R&D kind of projects
• Embedded systems projects
• Portal solutions projects
• Implementations of IEEE submitted papers.

Products we develop:

• CND-Comport network director
• A revolutionary job portal
• Tour4cure-A medical tourism framework
• Cash pad- Wireless cash point automation HW
• I-Radio- community internet handheld radio device
• PMTS-project management and tracking system
• IISP-institutional information services portal
• SMSG -web based SMS Gateway

Technologies we work with:
• Java/J2EE, Microsoft Dot.Net, VC++, VLSI,DSP & Embedded C,along with
RDBMS like SQL server & MySQL, mostly on Microsoft operating systems as
the production environment.

For Further Details Contact:

E-mail:[email protected]