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Thread: Marketing an Information Product in 5 Parts

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    The internet is host to tens of thousands of information products and a huge number of people selling information products. This is because such a business is a low-overhead and therefore, on paper, easy-to-start business. There are several pitfalls that someone new to the business can fall into, however. Use this five-step method as your guide to getting started selling information.

    Step 1: Domain Name
    The most important decision you will EVER make when marketing information is your domain name. Remember the three-E rule: every domain name should be Easy to remember, Explain your business, and End in .com. Yes, most of the .com names that spring easily to mind have been taken, but you can always take a great name that's been used and add something small like 'info' or 'new' to it to make it unique, like greatfoodinfo or newpathtosucess.

    Step 2: Web Hosting
    Hosting providers and package features can be found to fit any budget. One place that few people think of off hand is their ISP. Many internet providers offer hosting at huge discounts to their current customers. If you're part of a quality ISP, Email them and ask if they have rates that can beat places like Hostgator.

    Step 3: Website Creation
    The first thing any viewer will see is your website, so anything less than complete professionalism will hurt your sales. Quality design will repay itself several times over. Plan your site carefully; it should be both logical and intuitive for the user. All pages should link plainly to all other relevant pages of the website. Make purchasing easy with large 'buy now' buttons, or a sidebar with a clear 'add to cart' link.

    Step 4: Promotion
    You can't make sales if people can't find you. Put together a marketing plan to drive traffic to your site. If you have a decent budget, consider learning about and investing in pay-per-click advertising. You could also buy internet contact lists in the hope of conducting a successful email marketing campaign. If not, look into article marketing, and forum marketing. Offer to exchange links with webmasters of related websites.

    Step 5: Automation
    When you're just getting started, a web-based business needs only be a one-person affair, but if you get even moderately successful, you're going to want everything to be automated as much as possible. By setting up FAQ sites, allowing automated delivery of digital products, and outsourcing marketing and customer service efforts, you can ensure that your income is hassle-free.

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