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    Default Black Listed Companies

    Let's All put together a list which will have All BlackListed Companies / Firms / Organization's in one place. So that people find it easy to avoid such companies.
    • Comet Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. India
    • Coral Laboratories Ltd. India
    • Dew Healthcare Pvt Limited
    • Henkish Chemical Pvt Limited
    • Honest Trading Co. Ltd. China
    • Hubei Provincial Medicines & Health Products Imports & Exports Company China
    • Intermed 4GK
    • Kamala Overseas Export Bombay
    • Medico Remedies Pvt. Ltd, (manufacturers of Pharmaceutical formulations.) India.
    • Merit Organics Ltd
    • Milan Laboratories
    • Milan Medical Stores, India.
    • Mission Pharmaceuticals Ltd
    • Novus Pharmaceuticals Ltd.India.
    • Pharmadeal Pvt Ltd. India
    • Rose Pharmacy
    • Sangola Pharma, Owned by Raj SHAH, India
    • Sangula Enterprises (Manufacturers of Surgical Dressing),
    • Santacruz Medical Stores. India.
    • Shreechem Pharmaceutical Pvt Ltd.
    • Sinochem, Ningbo Import & Corp, China.
    • Uma Medical Agency (Pharma Distributor), Mumbai, India.
    • Unibios Lab Limited
    • Unison Drugs Pvt Ltd. India
    • Vardhman Export A-188TTC
    • Wardex Pharm Pvt Limited
    • Wellbert Pharmaceutical (Bombay) Pvt. Ltd. India
    • Wellcure Drugs and Pharmaceutical Ltd. India
    • Yantai Foreign Economic & Technical Trade Corp
    • Pliva Pakistan (Pvt) Limited
    • Qingdao Yili Pharmaceutical Company Ltd, China.
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    Don't know how far this is true...

    List of Blacklisted companies... be careful with them...
    Pls go thru the full mail n Don't get into such a situation. Here is a list of fraud companies which lure people in India to USA.Please pass this on to all your friends and make them aware of it.

    List of Companies you need to be careful.
    1. Mastech Sys
    2. Syntel
    3. Computer People Inc.
    4. Capricon
    5. American MegaTrend Inc.
    6. CBS
    7. Intelligroup (Edison - New Jersey)
    8. Cybertech (Chicago - Ilinnois)
    9. Systech (Gelndale - Calif.)
    10. IntecNew Jersey. Now it is named as Compuflex.
    11. Indotronixs or Indotronics?
    12. Capricorn Systems Inc , Atlanta
    13. BCC computers Ltd in Madras *** (Dangerously BlackListed)******
    14. Frontier Systems ***(Highly Black Listed)
    15. C G VAK(Coimbatore)
    16. Kumaran Software, Anna Nagar, Madras *******(Highly and Dangerously BlackListed)*******
    17. BCS Project Consultants; Bangalore (These people call themselves BCS Computer Consultancies and Services. Highly blacklisted.)These people lay false claims of having done projects for defence organisations.

    18. Pragathi Computers; Bangalore.(HighlyBlacklisted)Infact a Belgium based organisation is planning to take legal action on this organisation for claiming to do work for NATO.
    Friends, one of the above mentioned company is owned by an Indian,

    Kanna Srinivasan and he owns a company called BCC computers Ltd in Madras,India.! He brings.Indian programmers under a THREE YEARS bond which says if the employee quits the company he has to pay Rs 10,00,000 (only Ten lakhs). Also every employee has to surrender their school and college certificates. The contract also says that the employees will be paid $40,000 per year. The company will not pay for initial 45 days or start pay after you get the project in USA. Once you signed this agreement and surrendered the certificates you have fallen in their trap. Then you have only obey their orders as though it is an order from the god (Kannan P srinivasan). They will take their own time to process your H1B Visa (may be more than a year ). If you ask them you will be taken to USA, they will humiliate you by saying that your communication is bad,or you are not technically good. Recently employee named Mr.Rao committed suicide in Madras because the company terminated him.
    that company cannot take him to USA because he is no good technically and communication is bad. The important point is that he was waiting in the Madras company for more than 8 months. Now by God's (Kannan P Srinivasan) grace you reached USA. The Best Computer Consultants ,Kansas City, USA will make you to sign another bond with blank Promisary Note Unfilled amount you owe to the company The company will send you to any project testing maintenance, year 2000,(luckily development). You can't refuse any project or you can't resign when you are on project.If you do so then the company will terminate you and further sue you for ($10,000 to $30,000). Now the company has filed a case against 20 employees in the Kansas city district court. The company will never pay you good,they will never give status on green card processing if you process with them,they will ask you to repay relocation charges,increments will not be given, but on regular basis you will be tortured
    by all
    the HRD and Marketing staff(Sub Gods).Beware of this company.Please tell your friends and relatives not to join this company and suffer. If anyone joined in Madras company please ask them to quit immediately. If visa is ready with this company and they are coming to USA,AT LEAST LET THEM NOT SIGN THE AGREEMENT AND THE BLANK PROMISERY NOTE in USA.
    Please forward this information to as many as friends possible both in USA and INDIA.
    Email Source:
    Notice: The information contained Above is only for Informational purpose and FreshersHome Takes No Responsibility about these Companies and Validity about the above list. Thank you
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    Default Please let others know about smart-bridge

    Hi All,

    This is especially for freshers, however experienced too need to be aware of it. Please try and avoid joining company like this. Unfortunately I got struck over here and don't want others to get in similar situation.

    Company name : Smart-bridge
    Location : Hyderabad

    Offshore company is run by a bully Varma alias management. All who join are at mercy of his highness varma. You never know villainous nature of varma until you sign the bond. He really makes good use of his marketing skill, unfortunately his skills are used for wrong acts.

    They hire people and make them sign bond of 2 years and make them work for 3 years. Their certificates are collected. They are made to work for pittance. Appraisal is just a formality, hike offered is max of 10% in salary of 6000 Rs. People are told that they would have to work offshore while interview and that never happens.

    As far as I know 90% of the employee have some or other issues while leaving the organization. And most of them not being given a proper exit and most of the time insulted while farewell.

    I have done my part. Please be careful and let others know of organizations like this.

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    Anybody please tell me something abt Infogen Global????

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    Default ANOTHER list of companies in hyderabad

    many companies had emerged in banjara hills for extracting money from people joining them in backdoor entry and later removing them.
    e.x winsofttech, wintechsol, emysys, rgs, rajesh solutions.

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    Default geis bangalore

    name: pawan
    Information Sent Via Email: i have sent this mail not to spoil any ones career. but i just want to intimate u that because of this fake guys lot of genuine talented candidates are affected. i am also one of the person who got affected.

    data ware housing geis bangalore is a fake company. that guy said that i have to pay 15 000 to clear the backdoor check.... he will provide all the certificate like offer letter, appt order. id card...e-mail id, system login id.... one of the guy have fake in that company..and joined tcs in data ware housing ( raja)...
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    Beware of people like Varma penmetsha who is running a slavery market and claims to be helping people. Please do not join company where a I bond is need to be signed no matter how much trouble you are in. Surely you would regret. Spread the word and do not suggest your friends to join smart-bridge solutions private limited located in Banjara Hills.

    Please please forward the message to one and all. Save people from spoiling there life and career.

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    Geek Technosoft / Geek Solutions is a Fake & Fraud company

    If you come across this "company" - "Geek Technosoft" or Geek Technologies or Geek Solutions - Beware. Its a highly black-listed company. The company has no Office, no building. In short, the company doesn't exist. There's no address for them or no phone number. This is a scam being run by an individual.

    Thousands of Fresh Graduates across India have been victims of this scandal. Recently, this scam-company has posted openings on to draw unsuspecting fresh graduates.

    To prevent more freshers like you falling into the trap, send an email to Naukri at [email protected] to investigate into the matter.
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    Default timesofmoney looks good but the worst place to shop funds

    I was with timeofmoney in buying funds. All looked good unil my investment got stuck in ICICI fund. I asked them to sell it, and they deposited the money from ICICI. It is been 8 months i am talking to them everyday on this matter, but no progress.

    if you can avoid timesofmoney, please do so for your betterment.

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    Hi all,

    How about putting list of Software Training institute, which promise 100% placement and then they dont give placement.

    I am a victim of a SAP training institute. The SAP training is mushrooming at all the corners of street.


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    Company Name: PayAutoMata LLC or PayAutoMata India Pvt. Ltd.
    Location: Gurgaon

    This company is really very bad and when i mean bad it means the worst i have ever seen in my 3 years of work experience.

    15 people company with mostly unqualified people taking the higher positions who are relatives of director. They have no respect for their employees and don't know how to work. Above all when they don't know to work properly they scold you in front of whole office to make tamasha.

    Office space: a 10x10 room with 15 people sitting in it. Just imagine?

    So guys don't join such a bull shit company where you will learn nothing and when you try to work peacefully some unqualified relative of director will pull your leg. Please spread the word and don't ever join this company of Gurgaon.

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    hey folks,

    Is "Syntel" too a blacklisted firm??

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