Kurukshetra 2010 - The Battle Of Brains

It all began with a small spark that grew with rapid intensity into a solid idea.Two score and eight months later that idea has metamorphosed and transformed into a mega techno management festival Kurukshetra. With over 15,000 participants from 40 colleges besides international participation, today Kurukshetra is a brand within itself, being the only student run organisation in Asia to be granted UNESCO's patronage.

Athena - The online Math Coding Contest

Athena was the Goddess of wisdom and craft in ancient Greece. At Athena, the math coding contest of Kurukshetra '10 you'll sorely need those two, and even more, exceptional coding, math and logic to name a few to beat out other 'Monster Minds' competing with you! Gear up for the ultimate battle of your computational and programming skills! Feeling bored and munching nuts ? Forget 'em! We have problems a thousand times harder to crack not just your tooth but your whole head over The questions are bound to make math whizzes go crazy over the sheer impossibility of them. But as said:

It's absolutely impossible, but it has possibilities.
- Samuel Goldwyn
The event 'll be a spectacle that geeks gawk over with geniuses getting all those guns blazing to make one final stand against a looming cloud of impossibility! Wanna join them?
Here's how: Log on to athena.kurukshetra.org.in

Go, crack 'em all

Event Starting Date: 8th January, 2010
Event Starting Time: 9 P.M (IST)