Hello guys new here. I am I have a couple of confusing questions from a aptitude test. These are on the personality side.These are for a sales position. What would be the correct answer for these?

There 5 options you can choose from a. Always Trued b. Mostly True c. Sometimes True and Sometimes False d. Mostly False e. Always False

1.I worry about decisions I have made.

2. I am nervous

3. I am patient at work

4. I take risks

5. I am sarcastic

6. I like(d) school

7. I work harder than those

8. I worry about what I am going to do with the rest of my life

9. I am afraid of failing

10. People talk about me behind my back

11. I believe that life is a big game to be played to win

12. I am satisfied with who I am

13. I do things to attract attention

14. I am critical of others

15. I am pessimistic

16. I find it easy to relax

17. I am "right on course" in attaining my career goals

18. I let others influence my decisions