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Thread: my experience in job hoppering

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    Default my experience in job hoppering

    as the competion in jobs is becoming furier and furier, many are worrying about finding their jobs after graduated from school .
    i have the same feeling and experience after finishing my courses in college.
    sending much resumes and be rejected by many companies , finnally realized the importance of IT technology and working ecperiences.
    in the following days i plunged into the studying and learing of IT . first i find it hard and complex to master .
    with the introduction of my friends , i tried to use passcert as my study guide . i must confuss it is good and helpful for my future job and career .
    here just want to share my experience with you to let you realize the importance of IT .
    however if you need any IT information welcome to passcert .

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    I think you have a great experience in your industry. I think in any field you belong without struggle and knowledge you can not gain success in life. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.


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    thats good, all trial and error method are applicable in job hunting. the point here is that we should not feel dejected from initial rejections. all the best

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