Strategic Analytics: Alignment of strategic intent with actual work requires strategic analytics to answer key decision support questions such as whether to enter into a new segment of business or not, whether to reach new customers or not, etc.

Behavioral Analytics: Behavioral data goes beyond knowing that a customer has purchased a certain product and involves capturing customer events and actions over time and using these stored interactions to determine typical behavior and deviations from that behavior.

Knowing the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of customer behavior (rather than the ‘what’) helps in ensuring that marketing plans yield the desired results.

Tactical Analytics: We develop customized tactical model for each line of activities. These models are reviewed on regular basis with the changing business requirement.
Tactical analytics models that we deploy are typically short-term in nature, and are focused on answering immediate questions in addition to being aligned with longer term goal.

Predictive analytics: We have created regression based models that collate data generated from several interaction points to create models that enable the prediction of future events. This will help in identification of both risks and opportunities.

Actionable Analytics: Our action models helps in converting captured data into useful actionable insights which will enhance the overall performance of each function.

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