KnowledgeQ focus on the three crucial aspects that organizations need to integrate to achieve their business goals:

• The Business processes that provide value to companies
• The Information Systems that empower individuals to act effectively
• The people who use the Information Systems and run the processes
across boundaries

We look to help Organizations achieve their plans without breaking the bank. We will provide cost effective solutions that provide solid value for every dollar spent.

KnowledgeQ has in place cutting edge facilities which maximizes productivity and translates into on time delivery, every time. We believe that technology helps us to be more productive and thereby frees time for creativity. Our workplaces have been designed for optimizing team productivity and you only have to visit our development centre to see this in action.

We follow a combination of methodologies for our process improvement efforts. However the traditional Deming cycle (“Plan”, “Do”, “Study”, “Act”) does well enough most times. It provides the motivational framework for much of the work downstream.

The Plan Stage starts off with Performance Analysis. Here we study the situation as it exists and describe the “as-is” stage. This gives us the data we need (inputs, outputs, customers, suppliers, customer expectations, data gathering, identifying problems, proximal and root cause hypothesis, validating causes) for developing a range of possible solutions. Depending on the nature of the problem, we dig deeper in a spiral approach. The advantage is that the job can be done in a user specified time frame. The Do Stage picks up one possible solution and a pilot is run. This might involve developing a new and targeted information system or customizing an existing system.

We offer you products based on your specific needs. This might vary from simple, linear presentations when your need is information dissemination to complex real-time simulations incorporating a wide variety of media and life like support systems. In each case we will look to offer you services which provide you ROI.

KQ offers you products based on your specific needs. We classify these based on Organizational Learning and Productivity. Each of our products focus on crucial aspects that Organizations need to concentrate upon on to achieve their goals.

We have core skills in programming in the Open Source Flex 3 framework with ActionScript 3 alongside PHP (as the programming language for client logic) and SQLite/ MySQL (open source databases). With this expertise, we can customize any existing open source application to tailor a product custom fit your business needs.

All of the products developed at KQ come with help documentation and free maintenance service for one full year. We can also add new features or customize existing ones based on your needs. We have some of the most user and wallet friendly purchasing schemes in place. Contact us to find out more …

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