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    Hey Peeps! After endless searches and submitting your resume to 1000 places - you finally get a call back. Congratulations (but here comes the fun part). I just wanted to reach out and remind everyone that it is so important to do research on the company you plan on interviewing with prior to the interview. You would be surprised how many people come unprepared and don't know anything about the company, different teams you sponsor, events the company is involved with, etc...

    I don't think employers expect you to know everything but I recommend using their website as an excellent starting point as well as typing in the company name into a search engine such as Google.

    Also, it is great to write down questions about that you want to ask the interviewer. Here are some of my recommendations:

    -What changes or improvements can the person in this position bring to the table?

    -What initial projects will I be working on if I come on board? How will my productivity be measured?

    -Ask about the company infastructure? Ask for an explanation of how the department you will be working in is set up (if they start drawing a flow chart, even better). Also, find out if you will have a support team and what you will be responsible for in regard to this person.

    -Can you describe a "typical" day here.

    -Ask the interviewer what they like most/least about the company and how long they have been with there.

    -Ask about when they plan on making a decision about the position? What is the potential start date?

    -Hours of Operation?

    -Compensation (salary negotiation is a whole other forum but I will say that "he who speaks first, loses!)
    If the position does have benefits, get the specifics:
    Health care and what company? How much do I have to pay a month if any? Dental? Vision? 401K (do you match it?)? Profit sharing? Stock options? Cell phone? Vacation? Sick Days/Personal Days? Pay cycle?

    Just in case:
    -If you have a portfolio, dont forget to bring it. Come prepared. If you do PR - remember to bring examples of placements you have done as well as a sample press list of people you have relationships with. Dont worry if its not 50 people. 20-30 solid relationships with key pubs is better than 50 "kinda" contacts. Also, dont forget a good writing sample(s).
    -Make a list of 3 words that best describe you and memorize them. Make a list of 3 things that your previous or current employer would say about you if they were to contact them. Memorize them!
    -Come up with the top 5 attributes on why you are a good fit for this company.
    -Come up with the top 5 reasons of why you chose the company you are interviewing with.
    -Come up with a solid one and half sentence answer on where you would like to be in 5 years. Remember not to make a joke here and say something lame like "Mexico at Joe Francis' house" or chilling on Diddy's yacht in St. Tropez.

    Two last things:
    -I recommend going on as many interviews as you can. Obviously, practice makes perfect and gives you a better perspective on what your strengths/weaknesses during an interview. By the time I hit interview 15 (real number!), I had my whole story down pat and even added some jokes. People respect confidence and it shows that you are dedicated.
    -No one ever does this anymore but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE hand write a thank you letter to all of the people you interviewed with. I am a Southern girl at heart and although I am the Big Apple now you would be surprised how many people are impressed with a simple handwritten note expressing your thanks. I recommend getting nice conservative stationary. Save the puppies and rainbows for birthdays. Crane and Co. makes some beautiful notecards/envelope sets in a variety of colors. Also, choose your pen wisely as the stock of the paper is thick. I have found that Sharpie Ultra Fine Point Marker Pens in Black work perfect.

    Okay, just a few more:
    Just keep in mind that it is better to come over-prepared and be able to pull out all your ammo while in the interview. It shows that you care and have put alot of thought into your future (including your future with this company). At the end of the day - It is all about impressions. Even though it might not be very "street" to wear polished shoes or a suit to an interview, just remember to accurately play the part. Dont overdress to the point where you look like the suit is wearing you but rather the other way around. If you have true confidence, you could walk-in in flip-slops and jeans but you have to have some serious cred to back it up. Got it? Also, be honest. I have taken jobs that were over my head and although I left on good terms, I know I could have done better or didnt live up to my employers expectations 100%. Definitely challenge yourself and push yourself but dont lie about your qualifications. It is almost like cheating on a test in school. You do it once and you have to keep doing it. You dont grow from it and it holds you back mentally.

    This old man in an elevator saw me carrying my portfolio (I must have looked so GREEN) but he said, "Remember you are interviewing them too to see if they are fit" so remind yourself that prior to the meeting. I may have left some stuff out so email me and I will send you more but I am tired and just wanted to share some blah blah blah....Good luck

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    Good interview tips i got here. Thanks for the post here.Its really helpful for everyone.


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    Some excellent tips given here and i appreciate it that you have shared so useful and helpful as well,so wonderfully written.

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    Practice answering interview questions and practice your responses to the typical job interview questions and answers most employers ask. Think of actual examples you can use to describe your skills. Providing evidence of your successes is a great way to promote your candidacy.
    Prepare a response so you are ready for the question "What do you know about our company. Know the interviewer's name and use it during the job interview. If you're not sure of the name, call and ask prior to the interview. Try to relate what you know about the company when answering questions.

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