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Thread: Microcontroller based projects,Embedded projects for students,Academic projects,Live

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    Arrow Microcontroller based projects,Embedded projects for students,Academic projects,Live


    Micro Embedded Solutions

    mob: 9242838716
    phone: 080-23181683



    MESOLN provides real time and academic projects with source codes for all type of graduates and undergraduates. In addition to the real time projects, MESOLN focus on helping graduates and undergraduates to do their educational seminars. MESOLN have great inventory of project concepts and details. Students can discover the concepts and our team helps students to learn, develop, deploy and present this as projects. These projects will give an excellent exposure to cutting edge technologies. Our team has helped lot of students to successfully submit academic projects and there by adding more values to their resumes.

    Embedded projects

    1.Biometric authentication using VAS
    2.Autonomous Directional Rotary Artificial Intelligent system

    3.Autonomous Parallel Parking RC Car

    4.GPS GSM based Vehicle tracking system


    6.The design and implementation of an autonomous campus patrol robot

    7.Design and Implementation of Internet Based Healthcare Robot System

    8.Remote-controlled Home Robot Server with Zigbee Sensor Network

    9.Implementation of an Automatic Fingerprint Identification System

    10.Development of Zigbee based Street Light Control System

    11.Speech Recognition Board and Microphone

    12.Secure and Fast Fingerprint Authentication on Smart Card

    13.Fingerprint Matching: Data Acquisition and Performance Evaluation

    14.Firebot: Design of an Autonomous Fire Fighting Robot

    15.Parking Space Inventory control: An Artificial Intelligence Approach

    16.Easy move Wireless Accelerometer

    17.File transfer using Bluetooth

    18.Travel time prediction under heterogeneous traffic conditions using global

    19.positioning system data from buses

    20.The integrated unit for MEMS based Pressure measurement

    21.Environmental identification based on changes in sensory information

    22.Research on Embedded Data Display unit based on CAN Bus

    23.RFID based People Management System

    24.Sensor Networks for Industrial Applications

    25.Sensor Networks for Industrial Applications

    26.Sensor Networks for Industrial Applications

    27.A Low Cost GSM/GPRS based Wireless Home Security System

    28.An integrated Zigbee automation system

    29.A Low-Cost Intelligent Gas Sensing Device for Military Applications

    30.A wireless escape system for industrial accidents using Xbee

    31.A wireless escape system for industrial accidents using

    32.Electronic Medical Record for Effective Patient Monitoring Database

    33.Efficient Cost-Based Tracking of Scheduled Vehicle Journeys

    34.Driving Guidance System Based on Wireless Sensor Network

    35.Fingerprint Authentication System using a Low-Priced Webcam

    36.Forest Fire Detection System based on a Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network

    37.GSM based Secured ATM Banking

    38.GSM-based Notification Speed Detection for Monitoring Purpose

    39.Implementation Of a CAN-Based Multi Controller Digital Driving System for a Vehicle

    40.Implementation of Obstacle Avoidance and ZigBee Control Functions for Omni Directional Mobile Robot

    41.Indoor Autonomous Navigation of Blind Persons

    42.Measuring and Transmitting Vital Body Signs using MEMS Sensor

    43.Theft Detection using GSM & GPS Technology
    Elderly People Monitoring

    44.Networked Wireless Meter Reading System based on Zigbee Technology

    45.Patient Monitoring using GSM & Zigbee for Hospitals & Old age Homes

    46.Real-Time, Automatic Animal Tracking

    47.Bluetooth communication system for control of a mobile robot

    48.Remote Controlling of Home Appliances using Mobile Telephony

    49.RFID application strategy and Deployment in Bike Renting system

    50.Secured room accessing system(Server unlocking concept)

    51.BI directional visitor counter

    52.Smart card based parking accessing system

    53.Mobile phone operated Wireless Rover


    55.Fingerprint authentication door accessing system

    56.Foot Acceleration Sensor(FAS)

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    please give the abstract and report to above mentioned projects please!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Skiveprojects in chennai doing their best by providing career oriented projects for final year students. Visit them once, get project& career guidance. Mobile:9176990090

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    At Digital Data Labs, we do projects for M.E/B.E/Diploma students. We do any projects suggested by the Student/Staff's, based on published IEEE papers in Communication/DSP domain. Abstract of all the projects listed/ new topics will be sent by mail on request. We also take courses in Verilog/VHDL/system Verilog. Please visit us at www dot ddlindia dot com

    Digital Data Labs(DDL) is an Indian company located in Chennai, the IT gateway of South India. DDL employees have more than 20 years of combined experience in the design and development of FPGA design, Board design and Embedded system design for the corporate, students and research community. We have experts guiding and help us who have worked in leading research organizations in India and have worked with International Clients in USA. We actively update our base of knowledge to keep pace with the latest trends in today's accelerating change in technology. This responsibility to meet researchers ever growing requirements has proven to be the key to our success. We use the latest design tools, VHDL/Verilog for digital designs, SPICE for analog designs and DSP technology for imaging and control optimization. By employing new design methodology and project management, we have increased productivity, helped to hold down our costs and assured our commitment to meet project deadlines. We also provide a full range of IT/BPO, Data processing, Data conversion and High Volume scanning/Printing related services that can save you time and money. We have been serving global customers since 2001.


    Our VLSI division has expertise in doing high speed board designs, FPGA designs and embedded system design. FPGA development team is capable of delivering fully validated ready to deploy FPGA solutions based on a set of requirements from the customer. Our expertise ranges from design of companion FPGAs with a few hundred gates to SoC designs with multi-million gates FPGAs. DDL offers complete board design capability - from requirements to design, layout, prototyping and testing. Our team has rich experience in designing high-speed, high-density multi-layer boards and systems. This coupled with proven design processes & methodologies help us meet the challenge of delivering complex boards on time to meet the reduced time-to-market requirements of our customers. Expertise: Architecture design . Schematics capture . Board layout . DFM/DFT . Signal integrity & Cross talk analysis . EMI/EMC analysis . Thermal analysis . Prototyping . Bring-up testing & Design validation.

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