I have come across a very good website --- collegeproject.in College Project --- where you can develop your academic projects online.
All the informations about the projects is displayed there.
Some of the features are as following.
(i)The projects are developed by the students and there is no selling of the projects.
(ii)The projects are developed online.
(iv)When you will enroll in any of the project .one mentor will be assigned to you.The mentor will teach you in virtual class rooms (live class rooms) from 01st Mar
2010 to 30th april 2010 every alternate day 1 hour from 6pm to 11 pm.
(iv)The mentors are industry working professionals and not from any trainning institute.
(v)After, the completion of the project you will be awarded with an industry recognised certificate.
(V)The enrollment fee for one student is only 1200/per project and for a group of 5 students it will be 5000/ only.
All you need is a desktop/laptop and internet connection (minimum 256 Kbps).
This will be a huge opportunity to learn for the students from the industry professionals.
Please visit the following links.
Please visit the following link to know about all the projects

and submit the query from home page of collegeproject.in
For any query Call
at 9311481855.or 011-46561945