Hi, if you too are a Developer, IT professional, Decision-maker, Designer, Solution Architect, Technology Manager or a Student, this will definitely excite you. Microsoft is back this year with the Indian edition of Tech.Ed, it's global education & networking conference for technology professionals.

Expect to run into S. Somasegar (Sr. VP, Microsoft Developer Division), Kevin J. Smith (Senior Director, Intel), Stephen Forte (Chief Strategy Officer, Telerik) and other technology stalwarts. The event is organized into 21 technical tracks that deal with today's technology issues, innovations and future trends. Tech.Ed India 2010 offers more than 745 opportunities to learn and explore technology through interactive expert-sessions & hands-on labs. And if you are keen on building a lasting rapport with a wide network of peers, then this event is undoubtedly an unmissable opportunity.

While the event will be held in Bengaluru between April 12-14, the run up to the event promises to be as rewarding. Blogging contests, Event news, community-comments & shared multi-media are part of the action unfolding at /TechEdIndia (facebook id). And if micro-updates are your thing, then @techedindia (twitter id) MS TechED India 2010 (TechEDIndia) on Twitter[/url] is where the buzz is.