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Thread: Onamography - Strictly for the creative ones

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    Default Onamography - Strictly for the creative ones


    The Concept:
    Onamography is an innovative puzzle concept invented by Sameer Kamat that was launched in a leading Australian newspaper. We are currently working towards creating global awareness for the concept. Check out the website [onamography dot com] for the FAQ and samples to get a better idea about the concept.

    Surprisingly, though Indians have made a splash in almost all other spheres (from business to sports to the performing arts), the creative world of original puzzles is still an area that we haven't been able to penetrate. With your support, the Onamography team is hoping to change that scenario.

    Incidentally, Indian syndications showed little interest in the concept and it was picked up by an international agency. We are trying to bring this back to India and take it to other countries.

    However, without a strong platform it is difficult for a new concept to compete with the heavyweights (like Crosswords and Sudoku). So, hoping to build awareness and support on this forum.

    If you think the cause if worth supporting, please become fans/followers on: Facebook and Orkut
    Search for Onamography on these sites.


    The Onamography Team

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    Here's the first puzzle from the official site:

    Onnicle Challenge - 1

    The following onnicle has 10 leading Indian IT company names embedded in it.

    The first one (Wipro) has been highlighted. See if you can identify the others.

    Onnicle 1:
    Please show IPR (or Intellectual Property Rights) related awareness as you read this.
    Remember how your granny gave ya advice, spat nilgiri drops at ya (morning and evening), just to help you cope with your cold. She emphasised the importance of being fit at an age where medical dependency is the norm. Be the local interpol, aristocratic readers and spread this info systematically across your network.
    According to you, if lexicon assassination isn't cool and you think this is lame, accept my apologies. But if you think this concept rocks, send across your comments saying, "Ekdum mast! Ek aur please" and I'd be glad to oblige.

    The solution for this has been posted on the official site. But don't cheat. Give it a shot before you check out the answers. It can be pretty addictive.

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    Seems to me that J.D. Unwin has been engaged in Creation Science.
    He came up with a conclusion and found facts that fit it.

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