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Thread: Interview facing tips for job Seekers...

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    In this fastest growing century most of people have to face “ INTERVIEW “ if they are looking for the best professional job in any fields. Now-a-days one of the most important thing to pass the interview is Intelligency of candidate.

    We often have seen that a person is having high knowledge, good Intelligency and good strength and master mind to perform any kind of work. He/she has completed his graduation, post graduation and whatever master degrees. But some times it happens that because of his/her personality and communication skills, he/she has to loss the best opportunities for his/her better future jobs. Instead of great qualification he/she becomes looser for the job while facing the INTERVIEW. So can anybody suggest the best tips to face interview without any kind of fear. Please share if you have any tips to face Interview.


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    excellent notes. Thanks for sharing

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    These are really excellent points but i would like you all to share some interview tips for an immigration interview. what points must be considered for an interview when you are applying for work permit?

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    When you are appearing for interview then you should be very polite while talking with employer.You should be very firm on your answers and try to explain each and every question in well-mannered language.

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    Well.. i would say its depend on your personal skills and communication skills, how you deal with questions or answer them, if you gather information about the company before hand itself, prepared your self then its not difficult to face an interview, I would advice to Freshers "..never think, or compare job with salary," Think of the work experience which you get from the company who are hiring you at less wages...

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    research the company well before going
    research the job description and see what all skills are required and do you possess them before going
    identify your strong and weak points.
    be open and honest
    to avoid nervousness go well ahead of time for interview
    trial the route to the interview venue beforehand
    at the end if you dont perform well it is not end of world , treat it as a good learning experince

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