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    If you are a software engineer or programmer, freelance IT projects can be that job that you are looking for. Becoming a freelancer is not an unconventional career choice now - not when there are millions of software programmers around the world who use the internet to get freelance projects, and who work from project to project. And they make a lot of money too, as we shall see. There are online portals or websites where you can become members, and bid on jobs from clients. The word job here is used to refer to a single project - one whose price is usually pre-negotiated, and which lasts for a definite, agreed-upon period of time.

    Elance, Odesk and Cragslist

    Elance and Odesk are the two most popular and useful sites to get IT freelance projects. On both these sites, clients post the requirements for their projects or jobs, and you as a freelance provider can bid on those projects. After you have completed the project, the client will then pay you through the site itself. These sites will take a cut out of the payment - Elance will take out from 6-8%, and Odesk will take out 9-10%.

    Two big differences between these sites: First, that Odesk allows a provider to work on a per hour basis. They have a software that is installed on the providers computer which tracks the providers activity and allows the customer to see how many hours the provider has worked on the project. Apart from issues of privacy, this works out well for jobs which require per hour billing. Second, Elance has arbitration facility for all types of projects. But Odesk provides arbitration only for projects in which the provider is paid on a per hour basis.

    The third popular site to get jobs is Craigslist - it has a Jobs section in every city, which has various subsections of interest to any IT freelancer. These are "software/qa/dba", "systems/network", "technical support" and "internet engineers". You can also post an advertisement of your services in the services section.

    Salary Rates for Different Freelance Jobs

    The salary you get from, whether in lump sum payment on completing a project, or as hourly payment, depends on your niche, and where you get your clients from. Niches include expertise in Java,.NET, web development including knowledge of Python, Joomla, Django, Wordpress etc. You can also develop application for iPhones, iPads and other such phones. There is no fixed salary range, but a good software engineer or programmer can make as much as $30-$40 or more an hour on most projects. On the flip side, there are IT engineers who work for closer to $15 an hour too. is the leading IT and software jobs site. Search and Apply for Software Development Jobs, IT jobs, Freelance IT projects and participate in a Software Development Forum frequented by experienced professionals and freshers alike.

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    I am interested to work as a freelancer for IT projects. How should i contact for this freelancing job???

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    take a look at ****.com it is good too and good value for money

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    Reliable freelancers can find online projects on The Flexi Port company website. You can great opportunities to connect, communicate & collaborate with industry leaders

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    Not just women but even men's are equally looking for opportunities as freelance. The Flexi Port is a great site for freelancers. Freelancers can start looking for projects for work from home, part time & on-site.

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