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Thread: books for aptitude n verbal to crack company aptitute/analytical test.?

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    Default books for aptitude n verbal to crack company aptitute/analytical test.?


    guys need help i hv companies like tcs,wipro,3i infotech comin in college which book shld i prefer specifically 4 verbal n reasoning n also can u specify best cat material or gmat material 4 verbal .incase u thnk i need more books to crack the interview tell m the book name n 4 wat purpose verbal/quant . i am an computer engineer

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    look what i have come to believe through all these company interviews is the fact that its completekly different from the gmat stuff which is far difficult

    for all these companies i think R.S aggarwal will give u a complete knowabout of what to do and what speed ....all the best dude

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    For quant section its enough you take up
    Mathematics for mba- by R.S.Agarwal
    for verbal you can read books like word power made easy by
    Normal Lewis.and go through vocabulary building stuff like
    [No SPam More]

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