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Thread: Can Any one please tell me the Latest questions asked in an Interview for

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    Default Can Any one please tell me the Latest questions asked in an Interview for


    Technical support Executive !? Can Any one please tell me the Latest questions asked in an Interview for Technical support Executive in IT Sector .

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    Some typical questions relate around your interpersonal skills such as:

    A customer is frustrated with the speed of service for his requests, the technical support staff is currently overwhelmed with "high priority" requests all requiring the same key resources. How do you difuse the customer's anger and help the technical staff better prioritize requests?

    Here are some other basic questions from a source:
    Traits and Interview Questions

    These interview questions can target the specific qualities you need. Remember, the interviewer(s) generally speaks too much --80% of the interview should be the candidate speaking and the interviewer(s) listening.

    Desired Traits (in order of importance)

    Strong customer service focus
    Excellent communication skills
    An open mind, flexible, creative, energetic
    Enthusiasm for technical support
    A team player
    Basic knowledge of resources/tools in their discipline
    Excellent technical skills
    Good sense of humor
    Willingness and an ability to learn quickly
    Good work ethic, focused

    Some more Interview Questions

    Strong customer service focus

    What does customer service mean to you?

    What do you find the most enjoyable public service? What do you find the most challenging about public service?

    What are some ways that you may try to promote library services and resources to faculty?

    What is your vision of outreach?

    How are teaching, instruction and consultation related to outreach?

    The person in this position needs to be innovative and proactive. Can you describe some things you have done that demonstrate these qualities?

    Describe a situation that displays superior customer service.

    Tell me about the steps you take in handling an irate patron.

    Excellent communication skills

    How do you say "no" to a patron?

    Describe a situation when you experienced ineffective communication. What would you do differently in the above situation?

    How would you rate your communication skills? What have you done to improve them?

    What would you do if you heard a colleague provide a patron with the incorrect information?

    What does the term "two way communication" mean to you? Describe a situation in which you successfully practiced two way communication.

    An open mind, flexibility, creativity, energy

    How do you keep fresh on the job?

    Comment on a time when you got behind in your work. How did you handle this situation?

    What two or three accomplishments have given you the most satisfaction?

    What things frustrate you the most? How do you cope with them?

    Can you think of a problem, when the old solutions didn't work and describe how you solved it?

    What has been the most difficult decision you have had to make?

    What have you read lately? What are you reading now?

    Do you prefer a job in which you have well defined tasks and responsibilities, or one in which your work changes on a frequent basis?

    Are you a person who likes to try new things or more comfortable with regular routines? Give an example.

    How do you handle stress?

    Enthusiasm for science/engineering

    If you were an engineer, what type of engineer would you be?

    What do you most enjoy about working with engineering students and faculty?

    A team player

    Do you prefer to work alone or in group?

    Tell us about a team or group project you have worked on and how you contributed to the team.

    What role is most comfortable for you on team projects?

    Basic knowledge of resources/tools in their discipline

    Which technical resources would you bring to a desert island?

    Can you describe a reference exchange where you were quite creative in finding what was needed?

    Good technical skills

    How would you rank your technical skills on a scale of 1-10, 1=being needs some work, 10 =excellent?

    What type of technical support would you expect from your systems support team?

    What is the most frustrating about your current position vis a vis your system support team?

    Good sense of humor

    Humor can take many forms. Is the candidate being sarcastic, subtle, genuine, insincere? If someone follows up a critical remark with "just kidding", he/she isn't kidding at all, but trying to disguise the message. You could ask about a person's hobbies, what tv shows they watch?

    Willingness and an ability to learn quickly

    Describe a situation where you had to learn something quickly.

    How would you go about getting up to speed in this position?

    Good work ethic, focused

    How would you describe your work style?

    What do you think are the most important characteristics/abilities of a successful engineering librarian?

    Give an example of a project you initiated.

    What are some of the aspects of your current position that you enjoy?

    What are some of the aspects of your current position that you do not enjoy?

    What does success mean to you? How do you judge it?

    In what ways do you make a contribution to your department?

    How do you routinely organize you work in your current position? What happens to your plans when emergencies develop?

    Describe how you schedule your time on a hectic day. Give an example.

    What motivates you?

    Describe your ideal job?

    Why did you choose librarianship as a career?

    How does this position fit into your career path?

    What is most important to you in a job?

    How did your most recent supervisor evaluate your job performance? What were your best points and your areas for improvement?

    Can you give an example of your ability to manage or supervise others?

    How do you feel about the way you are currently supervised? What is your preferred style of being supervised?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sainathgr View Post
    Technical support Executive !? Can Any one please tell me the Latest questions asked in an Interview for Technical support Executive in IT Sector .
    Hi everybody,

    I uploaded one file. But It can not display. I used internet explorer 8.0.

    How can I repair? Or some problems happened to IE8?


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    excellent notes. Thanks for sharing

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    I read some opinions in this topic. I do not agree above ideal. We can find out some articles at by using Google search.

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    There are so many questions which can be asked in interview :
    1.Introduce yourself.
    2.Tell me something about your family background
    3.Tell me your weakness and strong point.
    4.After few year in which position you would like to see you?
    5.For what I hire you in my company.

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