pants everyday.? around 6 months ago, she started having occasional accidents. now she does it everyday sometimes 3 times a day. i have tried being positive and giving more attention. i took her to the doc and her urine was fine, i tried threatening her with diapers and made her wear a pullup one day. nothing helps. she has had some changes at her dads b/c he has a new gf, but they're good people over there and she has fun. i'm takin gher to a counselor tomorrow. but she started 2nd grade today and i don't want her to be picked on. it's so infuriating though. washing the clothes. and she wets the bed everynight now too. it went from occasional to a regular thing. her dad says she's just lazy but idk what to do. i called a urologist but they said if the urine was fine at the doc then it probably wasn't physical. any suggestions or someone who has been through this? i need help immediately