dead-end job, Help!? I had 3 interviews for my dream job that I have been waiting for for years to open up. All 3 people that I interviewed with loved me and were excited to have me come aboard. I listed past references that I have used before. They where contacted (a first for me) and the new job requires two positive responses (I didn't know about this part at all) but the numbers I had didn't work any more. I lost the job to someone right out of college who had references. I'm in my 30's, never (and cant, I've tried repeatedly) go to college, been at a new job every 2-3 yrs because they all went out of business, never volunteered anywhere (never and still don't have free time). The job was technically out of my league because it required a degree which I don't have, but I had 10 yrs of related experience which they loved. I don't know what to do now, it seems my references no longer have their old numbers so i can even call them. I cant use my current employer because i will be fired if i do.