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Thread: What questions will they ask for a fashion trainee buyer interview?

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    Default What questions will they ask for a fashion trainee buyer interview?


    Im going for an interview in two weeks for a fashion trainee buyer job, i have been asked to reasearch the company, what skills should be evident? are their certain things i should say to impress? i have limited resources, i would so appreciate your help.
    thankyou for reading this

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    As a former buyer, I can tell you the following:
    The company expects you to run a business profitability. It doesnt matter if you buy designer dresses or hammers, the talents needed to be successful are the same. They want to know that you have the following skills:
    1. Good people skills. You will be interacting with suppliers, as well as internal people. You need to be able to communicate well.
    2. Good analytical skills. Buyers have to spend a large amount of their time analysing data, determining rates of sales, color trends and optimal stock levels. Stress your enjoyment at analysing numbers, because I can assure you, they want it, and no other applicant will mention it.
    3. Strong work ethic. Buyers work very hard, long hours.
    4. Finally, a trainee position can involve a lot of menial work. Stress that you realize that you will be spending time doing many different things, and that you have no problem getting your hands dirty. (You may have to go to warehouses and sort returns, for example)
    5. Be cheerful and good luck.

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    heyy i jus happened to read youer piece..and wanted to find out as to how to approach for an asst fashion buyer job as i have done a course in management but m really inclined towards this hv also worked for fashion stylists..thanks

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    Default Fashion Buying Internship Interview Questions- Become a Fashion Buyer

    Hi Im a Buyer, and I can tell you want they will ask you in an interview for a fashion buyer position...

    1. Firstly they will test your knowledge of best selling fashion items. ( so be up to date with not only the current fashion trends, but know the best selling styles, colours and pricepoints.)
    2. Secondly they will want to know if you can read fashion reports and financial reports. You will need to know what an open to buy is, and how to manage stock supply. ( like how many styles should go to what store..)
    3. You will need to know retail maths jarjon... words like: end of month (EOM) and Retail markup, gross margins.. etc

    I help lots of wanna be fashion buyers now in preparing them for a job in fashion buying.. for further useful tips you can visit:

    There is also a FREE webinar that you can register to which will give you all the things that you need to know in a Fashion Buying interview.... just check out the website above....

    I hope this helps!

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