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    We are a truly global company - at home in a global market and working across borders to achieve the best. In a market characterized by strong global competition and high dynamics, our employees are key to the success of our company. About 300-500 employees collaborate to provide world class services in the area of enterprise solutions and technological solutions, and work closely together to create highly-innovative products and solutions to keep us at the forefront of our business.

    Employee Development

    "To be a global leader, committed to the customer in providing technology solutions with the highest degree of excellence, quality and value by an agile team and efficient process."

    At ASM, we share a common understanding of employee development that provides visibility of career development opportunities for individuals which are aligned with current and future business needs. We work hard to help employees achieve their personal career aspirations while at the same time, fulfilling the talent needs of the company.

    Whether you're aiming for a management career, focused primarily on leading people, or you prefer an individually focused career, ASM supports your choice through the management and individual contributor career paths. Additionally, ASM recognizes the contributions of our technical experts. Our technical ladder was developed as a specialist dimension within the individual contributor career path to recognize and reward technical expertise in all areas of the company.

    We identify high potential employees at the earliest stage in order to develop them strategically. The cornerstone of employee development is the dialog between our managers and each employee. Around this we've shaped and developed an annual employee review process. This globally unified process addresses all elements of individual development planning, including performance evaluation, individual development potential, goal setting, and income development.Based upon identified potential, individual development roadmaps will be defined through aligning company needs with individual competencies and career motivation. We ensure that the next development steps are concretely specified and agreed upon.

    Compensation and Benefits

    We believe great work should be recognized and rewarded. That's why compensation at ASM focuses on performance and results, and motivates entrepreneurial thinking.

    Our compensation system consists of fixed and variable components which balance market conditions, individual or team results, and the achievement of economically and strategically relevant business targets.

    Managing Diversity

    When pursuing the goal of providing world class services in Enterprise Solutions and Technological Solutions and products that make our customers successful in their business, we are well aware that our people are essential to our success. They are the ones who bring technology to life by asking questions that lead to ideas, which in turn enables us to make our vision reality. It is their motivation, flexibility, and knowledge that provide the foundations for our organization's long-term success.

    At the same time, our responsibility is to provide our people with an environment that offers freedom, supports their needs, and allows the implementation of such values as entrepreneurial thinking, team spirit, and creativity.

    For more information on openings at any of our offices worldwide, you could send your resumes across to the email IDs of the specific office from those listed here.

    India Requirements:
    [email protected]
    Job Board
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    80/2 Lusanne Court
    Richmond Road
    Bangalore - 560025
    Phone: +91 80 22274121
    Fax: +91 80 22273606
    email: [email protected]
    Job Board
    Career Tips Freshers Career Plan, Tips for CAT, MBA, Study Abroad Tips...
    Resume Tips Resume Tips For Freshers and Expe... Experts, Know how to build your resume for that very important job.

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