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Thread: i want to know about best java instititude with gaurantte job.?

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    Default i want to know about best java instititude with gaurantte job.?


    i am searching a best instituse for java speciliazation. which provide good knowledge and jobs.
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    Guarantee is on your skill and not on institute.
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    The best way to become the best in your field is to recieve worldclass qualifications and this is through Professional Certifications the Ultimate in Java technology is becoming a SCEA Sun Certified Enterprise Architect of course there is a path to this check here

    Depending on where you live there are institutes which offer Java training. If you cant get just Buy the materials and tools online then read on your own book exams and be certifed.

    Happy Learning!
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    Default Please check our institute

    Hai sanjay,

    We are first of its kind software-training institute especially dedicated to freshers.

    We can promise good training but not job. That depends on your other skills too.

    At fresherpool we also try to help you in other aspects.

    visit our site fresherpool .com for further details.


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    We are a professional team of people working towards a common goal of providing the best Talent in the industry. ConceptZ offer innovative educational services that include student training for a wide range of career options in Software Industry.

    Courses Offered:

    Java Developer Stream (Course Duration: 3-4 Months (4 hrs/day))
    • Web technologies
    • Java Programming Language
    • Project on Core Java
    • Database Design
    • Application Development using J2EE
    • Eclipse IDE Tool
    • Tomcat Web Server Tool
    • Struts Framework
    • Project development with Client’s Interaction
    • Project Documentation
    • Manual Testing Concepts
    • Soft Skills Training
    • Interview Facing Techniques
    • Resume Development
    • Technical Mock Interview
    • HR Mock Interview
    • Accessing strengths & weakness
    • Client Interview Scheduling

    In Addition to Basic Stream you should know at least one of below mentioned technologies and this will definitely boost your Job Offerings & Packages Offered.
    • Enterprise Java Beans
    • Springs
    • Hibernate
    • Java Design Patterns

    Course Structure is divided into 2 parts:

    First Part (Technology Training) will be in Institute.
    Second Part (Client Project Exposure/Development) will be in Company Premises.

    Courses are planned similar to that how a software engineer works in a company So that students will real time Project Exposure.

    For Complete Course Details, Duration and Batches,

    Placement Ratio:

    ConceptZ has a very high success rate in providing student placements i.e. on an average we have placed 9 out of 10 students successfully.
    ConceptZ has successfully placed over 2000 plus students in various companies across India from 2007.

    ConceptZ Training Procedure


    Technology Training

    Client Projects

    SRS Analysis

    Project Development

    Pilot Project

    Final Project

    Project Testing

    Project Documentation


    What makes us different?
    • Experienced trainers and consultants with an experience ranging from 4 years to 25 years
    • Our expert instructors, hands-on labs, and superior content provide excellent, results-oriented training
    • Our trainers are recognized industry-wide and committed to your success
    • Well defined course content and course material
    • Well planned practical sessions and assignments for most of the programs
    • We practice a hands-on approach to training that makes the subject easy to understand and the skills easy to put to work
    • We motivate & provide students with dedicated system and give them hands on experience on projects to work with

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    dear frnd institute not give u job gurantee ur ability give u job gurantee if some one say they r fake

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    Quote Originally Posted by sanjay k View Post
    i am searching a best instituse for java speciliazation. which provide good knowledge and jobs.
    Hey sanjay,if you want to know the details then go for a Google search or else why don't you try Everonn kompass.

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