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Thread: Job interview tips

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    These are very helpful tips and can help a lot in giving a successful interview. The most important thing which i think while giving an interview is your confidence level. If you are confident enough to answer the questions asked by the interviewer, then you are the perfect candidate for them

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    Hi Sandeep,
    Thanks for such a useful interview tips with us.It was really helpful for freshers as well as experienced job hunters.I think every job seeker should go through this frequently asked questions given by you and they must crack interview with good impression on recruiter.

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    Default abc consultants

    abc consultants a very dynamic organization, with qualified and highly motivated team of professionals, offering staffing solutions and services to the corporate sector. We give our clients the option of total HR solutions (PAN India).

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    Abc consultant is a well established and dynamic recruitment consulting agency based in New Delhi, India. We have been constantly ensuring amplified placement relevancy by facilitating access to unique range of candidate and employers.

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    Hi, Please post use full information in the forum, but not try to link some other resources please.

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    Thanks for the tips Sandeep..
    I am a fresher and now i am going to face interviews, so all these tips will be very helpful for me.

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    I believe that you need an impressive resume to land onto your dream job. Remember, the interviewer knows nothing about you other than what is written in your resume. And I strongly recommend to all the job seekers to hire an expert resume writer who can create a very strong and an effective resume for you. Trust me, it will be a very strong positive step towards your bright future.

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    Hi guys!

    Recently I came across with a really good article on Forbes about 12 Surprising Job Interview Tips!

    I think that the most important and what is not ussually discussed is as follows:

    Ask Questions That Kill Two Birds With One Stone
    At the end of your interview, it’ll be your turn to ask a few questions. This is a perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone – that is, asking a genuine question while conveying something new about you. Most people just do the first part and forgo a final chance to impress the interviewer.


    Weak: Will this role provide opportunities to work in emerging markets?
    Strong: I’m passionate about languages and minored in Arabic in college. Will this role provide opportunities to work in emerging markets in the Middle East?

    Weak: Are there opportunities for community service?
    Strong: I used to work with Habitat for Humanity and was so grateful for the opportunity to give back. For a full time employee, are there company-wide community service events that I could take part in?

    Weak: What’s [Company X]’s fastest growing division?
    Strong: According to your quarterly report, your revenues grew by 17%. Is that because of a particular division within the company?

    This works beautifully if you haven’t found a natural way to bring up an accomplishment or cite a publication beforehand.

    Grow A Backbone & Ask This Final Question

    This one takes guts — and that’s why I love it. Spredfast Product Manager Luke Fernandez says it’s the “single piece of advice that has consistently made a difference.”
    Before your interview ends, ask this one last question: “Have I said anything in this interview or given you any other reason to doubt that I am a good fit for the role?”

    “It’s bold, but if delivered honestly, it displays true desire and confidence,” Luke said. “I’ve been commended for that specific question in interviews with Google, YouTube, BCG, Deloitte, Twitter, and Spredfast. In one situation, the interviewer actually said yes and gave me the chance to clarify something that would have otherwise lost me an offer.”

    Talk about badass!


    Email a Personalized Thank You Note

    Thank your interviewer within 24 hours of finishing. It not only shows your gratitude, it also combats recency bias if you interviewed early. Not to mention, it opens the door for dialogue even if you don’t get the job. Sometimes, recruiters reach back out on the same email thread months later, mentioning new job opportunities.

    Example: Accenture senior analyst Anthony Scafidi shared a wonderful email from Robert Hsu, an interviewee whose follow up email shows how to do it right.

    Hi Anthony,

    Appreciate your taking the time to chat with me today. I really enjoyed hearing about your two projects so far, how much you love the people at Accenture, and how you’ve been able to continue your community service work even while working. (Hope you had a good meeting with your mentee!) Best wishes on your current project.



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    very nice post. Its very important that all students and employees should read!!!

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    Thanks for sharing really it is a good information, after getting confident over interviews then you need to upload your resume in top job portals like

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